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The Absolute Worst Pregnancy Myths Ever

standard June 7, 2015 7 responses

This weekend, finally, we welcomed our biggest purchase to our home. Our travel system.

(Wes and I will be doing a big review of our purchase in due course, but it seems a little odd to review a pram without a baby to test run it!)

The annoying thing is that we bought this pram all the way back in February. As soon as we hit twelve weeks and the danger zone was officially gone, we saw a great deal on the entire system via eBay – it had been used for less than a year, minimal scratching on the white frame, a car seat and the carry cot as well as the normal inserts and it came with both black and berry colours. At that point, we didn’t know what team we were on, so that was an added bonus. Another massive bonus was the inclusion of an ISOFIX base for the Britax car seat – an absolute essential and something we anticipated having to buy extra, but it was lumped in with our job lot.

All of that, we got for under £250. A rough saving of about £600 on the whole thing if it was brand new. Now, I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions about second hand baby things, particularly prams and car seats, but at that kind of saving this was an absolute no-brainer. We had to get our hands on this one as soon as we could – we didn’t know if another would be available at this kind of price during the 28 weeks we had left. So we got it quite early, but we were still pleased with our purchase.

Then… we got back to my mother’s who, after also inspecting it and giving us her approval, immediately told us to store the items at my grandparents’ house.

“It’s bad luck to have the pram in your house before your baby’s born.”

Er… what? This baby survived his mother having appendicitis, has been through relatively complicated surgery, conceived against the odds because his mother has polycystic ovary syndrome, but the scans show a perfectly healthy and active baby that has made it past the 12 week stage and is ticking along nicely. But no, the thing that is going to send our luck over the edge is the presence of a pram in our living room.

I didn’t argue with her at the time – our flat was full of all sorts of stuff, so we were happy to not have to find a place for it then and there.

Today, we took delivery of our stuff when my grandparents came over to stay in the area on their holidays. They live 80 miles away normally, so it made total sense if they were going to be here anyway. Then I get the text from my mother, reiterating her concerns… which I sort of understood at 12 weeks pregnant, but I now have less than 7 weeks to go. Theoretically, he could be here any day now. So why wouldn’t I want my pram and car seat here and ready just, you know, in case? What good are they 80 miles away!?

So I got to thinking, what other pregnancy myths do people believe when it comes to pregnant women, babies and giving birth in general? Aside from the stork, which we have probably all used or will use as a way of avoiding the birds and bees talk at the age of six, there are some other really surprising things that people take to be true. This is just a few…

  • You’re more likely to give birth when there’s a full moon – there’s nothing to back this one up. Not even a real reason why it’s a thing, but it is. There have been actual studies on it where someone has been paid to find out if there’s any truth to it (I’m not joking, you can even read it here). You may not be surprised to find out that there isn’t.
  • The position you conceive in can determine the gender – people were paid to look into this as well. Guess what? Nothing. It’s all about which swimmer wins the race.
  • Certain foods bring on labour – there isn’t anything to support this, but there are sound theories that might explain why this might be true. Spicy food can, in essence, make your body do certain things that make it think it’s preparing to give birth. My midwife actually recommended Raspberry Leaf Tea when I’m around my due date. I haven’t tried this out for myself, but will report back. If you’re in Georgia, however there is an Italian Restaurant that will give you cheese covered courgette (or eggplant if you prefer) that is sworn to induce labour… again, not kidding.
  • If you have a lot of heartburn in pregnancy, your baby will be born with lots of hair – again, nothing to support this one. The very idea of it is pretty silly but a lot of people believe it. Nobody has tried telling me that yet, but I also haven’t had any heartburn whilst carrying my little man.
  • Cats naturally want to smother your baby – this was pretty alarming, and one of the only ones I’d heard of, albeit not quite this sinister. I have been warned (notably by people who do not own a cat) that they will immediately sit on your baby’s face ‘because it’s warm’. Well, it’s not a natural penchant for murder that makes this one a teeny weeny bit true, it’s simply a case of a cat’s natural curiosity and their wish for a soft and snuggly place to sleep. So whilst I’m keeping my eye on Rufio when our baby arrives, I’m certainly not worried that he intentionally wants to kill our child.
  • Sick during pregnancy? You’re totally having a girl – again, before I did research for this post, I’d never heard of this. Apparently, if you have a whole heap of nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy, you’re having a girl. Okay, for me that fits. I haven’t had any, and I am having a boy… but what about Kate Middleton who very famously was hospitalised with morning sickness and later gave birth to a boy. Clearly you’re just going to get the usual 50/50 split, I certainly wouldn’t buy anything pink the first time you feel a bit queasy in the morning!

In conclusion? Your pregnancy is yours – it might be awesome (like mine, for all my moaning) or it might be hell. Whether you find out the gender at the first opportunity or the very last, don’t let other people tell you what means what, or that you need to do certain things. Stay comfortable, stay healthy and stay happy – the rest will all just fall into place.



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7 responses

  • I had horrible heartburn during every single one of my pregnancies and not only were my babies born bald…their hair didn’t start growing until about the age of 2! So that is totally a myth. Some of the others I have never heard of before. Funny what people believe. I am popping over from #linkalist. 🙂

  • Ah the myths are hilarious. Some people just have too much time on their hands. However…. the cat thing happened me on my first. I found my precious cat snugged up on my baby (2 weeks old) in her cot, I almost died. She wasn’t trying to kill her obv’s but just finding a nice snug place to have a cat nap,

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

  • People have such strange ideas about pregnancy! I’ve heard the one about heartburn and hairy babies too – and that being sick means you are having a girl. I was really sick with both my girls – but my mum has had 5 girls and wasn’t sick at all! I wonder where people get these ideas from. Great post #linkalist

  • Love this list! People can be really crazy. I got ”Oh, you have to take your bellybutton piercing out or the baby won’t get any food” What?! Hahaha
    Thanks for linking up to #linkalist x

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