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Five Reasons I’m Sick of Being Pregnant

standard July 7, 2015 16 responses

So we’re less than three weeks from our due date and even though I’m still at work, this baby cannot come quick enough. We have known that we were expecting since November, so it’s a massively long time to wait to meet our little man and frankly I am now bored of being pregnant.

I can’t complain about the pregnancy. I’ve not been sick, I’ve craved nothing, I’ve not felt all that different and I haven’t even put on that much weight. It’s been ideal but now, I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Here are my top five reasons why I can’t wait to go through the labour pains and welcome my baby boy to the world.

I am consistently being beaten up from within – He wriggled when he was 20 weeks gone and he continues to squirm and writhe about at the same rate and is now much bigger. Mostly it’s not painful, but it makes me feel really nauseous, in the same way those swinging pirate ships at theme parks induce an intense need to vomit. The worst thing is that it happens most when I want to sleep. Please baby, just calm down and realise that you’re stuck in there and you’re too big to practice your kickboxing!

TMI ALERT: I am always desperate for a pee and it’s not even satisfying when I go – I am now in a constant state of needing to pee, which I hate. It makes me lose my concentration when I need to get stuff done, it makes me have to disappear from meetings or events at the drop of a hat. When I get to the ladies’ and lock myself in, I’m rewarded with a test tube’s worth of pee and absolutely no relief whatsoever. I waddle out of the cubicle in the same way I waddled in, feeling uncomfortable and paranoid I’m going to have an accident.

MY BELLY BUTTON IS POPPING OUT – Yes, this required caps. I have always, since I can remember, found ‘outie’ belly buttons weird and now, as my bump inevitably grows and my baby becomes more and more engaged, I catch a glimpse of my very own tiny alien (complete with appendectomy scar) protruding from my navel. I accidentally brush it with my hand and instinctively repulse from my own body. I don’t like it. It needs to stop.

I’m waddling and it’s not the bump’s fault – It’s something that nobody warned me about, which is just how uncomfortable it is when your baby is engaged. When my legs, back and groin felt like I’d been in the gym for hours. It’s so stiff and painful and because of that, walking is a massive effort to the point now where I totally understand the benefits of the waddle. It’s the most comfortable way to travel whilst using my legs and I’m beyond the point of caring what I look like. I now have every sympathy when I see a fellow mum-to-be swishing from side to side as she walks to the shop. I feel your pain, sister.

I don’t like that my nickname of ‘Turtle’ is now justified – Getting out of a chair has been an issue for a while and Wes has likened me to a turtle on its back. It was just a cheeky dig at first because I had to groan whenever I rose to my feet, but now it’s completely justified because I can rarely do the most basic of things without assistance anymore. Want to close that window? Tough, you can’t reach because of your rotund belly. Want to get up out of that chair? Kick your legs for five minutes and we’ll talk. Want to get out of bed? You must plan your shuffling most carefully. UGH. I’m not a cripple, but to be able to get out of a chair without making a noise would make me so, so happy.

What did you find surprising about the last parts of pregnancy? Did you find yourself wanting to give birth as badly as me? Let us know in the comments what your experiences were like, we love to hear from you!


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16 responses

  • I am due in 5 days and feeling the same! It’s gone beyond being cute and exciting now!

    • Amy

      Haha! I don’t like moaning as a general rule, because I know I’ve had it a lot easier than most people but I suppose it’s boredom that brings it out of me! 5 days is totally not long though! I’m a weird mix of jealous of you and very excited for you! I hope everything goes well – I can’t wait to hear about your new arrival! x

  • It goes on forever, doesn’t it?! And I was overdue with both of mine. I think I’m just too comfy!

    Lovely post – took me back to both pregnancies. I was induced with the second which was a bit of a faff, but labour was over in a jiffy!

    Best of luck and lots of love x

    • Amy

      Thanks Louise!

      I’m hoping to be able to jump in the water pool and give birth that way, sadly being induced means I won’t be able to opt for that so I’m desperately willing the little man to make an appearance before the induction deadline. He’s still got a ways to go yet – we’re due on the 25th July so we have our fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for the well wishes x

  • I hate being pregnant. I don’t get people who enjoy it! Good luck with your birth! #wineandboobs

    • Amy

      I’m not sure I hate being pregnant. I certainly don’t love it. I know, super ungrateful from someone whose pregnancy has been massively uneventful but I could never be a surrogate, that’s for sure! x

  • I was so vile in the last few days of pregnancy I wanted to punch someone…everyone! then I gave birth, became sleep deprived and wanted to take it all back. Be careful what you wish for lol! Thanks for linking up to #wineandboobs

    • Amy

      Haha! I’m well aware that I’ll have a top gazillion reasons I want to be pregnant again once he’s here and I’m a sleep-deprived nervous wreck, but at least it will be a little different and we’ll have our own little tiny human to show for it! I’m not at the pregnancy rage stage but if he goes overdue and wrecks all my plans, then that might change! Thanks for hosting #wineandboobs this week Talya x

  • He calls you “Turtle”!!! That hand he gives you when you are in labour and pushing needs an extra hard squeeze hahaha Don’t worry about the belly button, mine popped out and now it has retracted so deep that I can’t find it. My waters broke when I was shopping at Cheshire Oaks….perhaps give there a go if you want it to come early. Worked for me. Clarks should we well prepared this time round. Spoiler alert……about the peeing thing……not quite sure that sensation completely disappears post baby. 🙂 All the best #wineandboobs

    • Amy

      He does call me Turtle, but in a kind of cute and endearing way so I don’t mind. The fact I actually feel like one, that’s pretty damn disheartening but at least I know it’s only for a few more weeks. A bunch of ladies at our antenatal are starting to have their babies and I’m getting huge child envy!

      I am avoiding Cheshire Oaks like the plague. I’m not good at crowds anyway, so trying to wobble my way through the Oaks at 37 and a half weeks pregnant is my idea of absolute hell but if it works, I may well give it a bash… must be something in the water there, as someone else I know also went into labour in Starbucks there!

      Thanks for visiting! Hopefully I won’t be causing Cheshire Oaks any medical emergencies 😛 x

  • i hear your pain… i went 2 weeks over due so i was well ready too xx #wineandboobs

    • Amy

      Wow, I bet. My other bone to pick with going overdue is that I only have ten weeks’ maternity leave and I don’t want to spend three of them climbing the walls and being bored off my head on my own! I can imagine you were well ready to have your little one by that point! Hope everything went well and the bundle of joy was well worth the wait x

  • Ah- the waddle. My wife used to ask me ‘Why are you walking like that?!’ like I was faking it to embarrass her. Um, because there’s 9 lbs of baby pressing down on my hooha?! Hope the next few weeks pass quickly and uneventfully!


    • Amy

      AHA! I didn’t get that. I got the knowing smirk like Wes had been waiting for this moment for so long and then that little voice saying ‘Amy, you’re waddling’. Before that, I’d always asked if I was waddling and was relieved to hear that I wasn’t – but I had always thought it was a case of navigating the bump. NOBODY told me about the immense pressure that would be pressing on my bloody crotch! Sooner he comes, the better – hopefully the only eventful thing left for us will be the actual labour! Thanks for the well wishes x

  • Oh, I could relate to SO MUCH of your post. Even though it’s been a loooooong time (well, 10 months) since I was in your position. I got so over pregnancy I pretty much devoted separate blog posts to all the things that drove me crazy (muffin punches, insane ridiculous hunger, ungainly falling over episodes, the peeing thing (OH THE PEEING THING).
    Not long now. Good luck! xo

  • I was sick all the way through, and literally broke down in tears when my OBGYN wouldn’t induce me at 35 weeks, because I couldn’t take anymore…

    clearly I managed it, and was induced at 38 weeks, but it was the worst three weeks just crossing my fingers that I’d go into labour early.

    Good luck with labour and delivery, hope it goes smoothly!

    Thanks for linking up with #wineandboobs

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We'd love to share our content with you, directly to your inbox. We promise we won't share any of your information with anybody else. All you'll get is a bunch of posts, features and reviews to keep you happy, healthy and hopeful each and every week.
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