Messy Me Tunic Bib Review

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So recently, mealtimes have become something of a food fight, (which is what Messy Me sort of specialise in!). We’ve pretty much sussed out the weaning process though. I can report that I can leave Short Rib to eat something without thinking he’s going to choke and die every time. Now though, there’s a battle of a different kind. Short Rib thinks he’s well capable of feeding himself spaghetti Bolognese without assistance from his parents.

Spolier alert: He’s not.

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Service interruption from Wes:

I tasted, deliberated and discussed these drinks with Amy over the last week or so. They’re great, and her review is mostly on the money… I just, as per usual, have a slight difference of opinion: The hot chocs are the hands down winners. I mean, the milkshakes are great and sugar free is greater but that mint and (this one is unfair because I’ve only tried it today without Amy present) hazelnut! Wow. I’m in love. Already placed my order for more (shhh, don’t tell Amy).

Head down towards the end of Amy’s musings for a chance to win a load of mugpod goodness! Woop.

George Clooney has made damn sure that Nespresso machines are all the rage with females everywhere. Having pride of place in the kitchen, the trendy little gadget will keep coffee running through the veins of any tired parent from dawn to dusk. However, what happens if you don’t fancy coffee? Turn the kettle on? Pssh. We’ve got a better idea.

Rather, the guys over at have a better idea. mugpods are the only UK distributor of Nespresso compatible pods that don’t contain the ‘C’ word (well, that’s a lie, they do have some coffee but that’s not what we’re interested in!) instead they offer four flavours of hot chocolate and three awesome flavours of sugar free milkshake. So now even the kids can get their fill of Clooney-approved goodness.

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Review: Bounty Mum-To-Be “Freebies”

standard June 1, 2015 5 responses

I’ve done a separate post reviewing the pack as a whole, but I felt the need to do a separate post on the Bounty Mum To Be Freebies or ‘Gift Certificates’ that are included in the pack, offering you a massive plethora of items purportedly for free. 

Do not be fooled by these bad boys. I got as excited as you would expect me to when it looked like I was getting hundreds of pounds worth of free stuff, but I was brought right back down to earth when I looked at what they were and the fact that you still had to pay shipping. Let me just run through each individual item for you, to save you the trouble of finding out the true cost of your free stuff.

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