Emott Ever Fine Pens Review and Giveaway

standard April 3, 2019 3 responses
A Giveaway of a Rare Pack of 10 Emott Ever Fine Pens

I am somewhat addicted to stationery and this blog makes no secret of that. So when I saw these ridiculously beautiful pens on Reddit, I had to find some. At first, our research showed that they were not out in the UK yet. However, unexpectedly, I have managed to purchase some and, spoiler alert, they’re awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Mitsubishi Pencil Company Emott Ever Fine Pens.

Aren’t they just the most stunning little things you’ve ever seen?

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Aura Print Impakt Colour Core Business Card Review

standard March 8, 2017 Leave a response

Check us out!

We’re a proper official looking outfit now. I always used to love business cards when I was a kid… if I ever saw any on a desk, I’d rob a whole bunch of them and just mess around with them. In my eyes, they were the epitome of cool and a surefire sign that you have made it. Granted, I was a weird child that found fun in unusual objects, but that doesn’t take away from how excited I am that the guys at Aura Print have kitted us out with these bad boys!

Regular readers of our blog will know that Mr Duxbury is very difficult to please. When I told him that we were getting business cards, he audibly scoffed. People still do that apparently. That was until I unwrapped them. Impressed doesn’t really cover it and I later learned that he nabbed a few to show off to his colleagues at work. It takes quite a lot to impress my husband to that extent, but these guys definitely pulled that off.

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