Why Am I Awake?

standard February 3, 2017 Leave a response

Sometimes, we have those sorts of nights where for whatever reason, sleep is not happening. We may desperately want or need it to but you’re sat there, wide awake and your brain is racing with ideas, thoughts and worries that you cannot seem to shake. Earlier this week, I had one such night where the two men of the house were asleep and I was just up. Up and not about either, which sort of annoyed me, because I could have and should have got some jobs done.

Instead, I lay there. Asking the same question of myself over and over again.

“Why am I awake?”

I’ll tell you why I’m awake.

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Today I Learned You’re Not A Baby Anymore…

standard October 27, 2016 2 responses

The most awesome thing happened the other night and having read this post from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful about their experiences of ditching dummies, and the learning curve it involves, I felt inspired to write about it. 

I read to Short Rib most nights (the exceptions being those odd occasions where he has flaked out earlier than we expected) and we have a bunch of books to keep him entertained. We started with Barry the Fish with Fingers, but we’ve moved on to a few more now. He loves it. He loves the voices but most of all, he loves the pictures.

At first, I thought it was just colours, but the other night I realised that my little Short Rib is growing up and the pictures aren’t just meaningless splashes anymore, but real things that are fuelling his imagination.

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Messy Me Tunic Bib Review

standard September 28, 2016 Leave a response

So recently, mealtimes have become something of a food fight, (which is what Messy Me sort of specialise in!). We’ve pretty much sussed out the weaning process though. I can report that I can leave Short Rib to eat something without thinking he’s going to choke and die every time. Now though, there’s a battle of a different kind. Short Rib thinks he’s well capable of feeding himself spaghetti Bolognese without assistance from his parents.

Spolier alert: He’s not.

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Five Pre-Parent Assumptions That Were Totally Right

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We recently posted about pre-parent assumptions that we got completely wrong (he’s one now, so we’re clearly experts) but we weren’t all mouth. We were right about a lot of things, including one in particular that we were super stuck on. It’s not fair to just list the failures either, so we’ve put together a list of the stuff we got right before the baby came. Because we have our smug boots on.

There are a lot of perceptions that you have as an expectant parent. A lot of things that people will tell you and you form your own opinion on what you think sounds good and what might sound like nonsense. Once the baby arrives you are proven right in some ways and wrong in most others. Here are a list of the pre-birth perceptions we had, in particular the ones we were right about.

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Kid-Friendly Slimming World Lunchbox Ideas

standard August 24, 2016 2 responses

Being on Slimming World is hard when you have kids. Like, really, really hard. You pack their lunch every day filled with awesome goodies that you’re dying to nibble on, whilst you look forlornly at the 30g of cereal you’ve diligently weighed for yourself. Your stomach grumbling in frustration as you quickly load them off to school with their lunches before you have chance to swipe that bag of crisps for yourself.

Well, no more! Lunchtime can be awesome for everyone, because with Slimming World you can make lunch for everyone, all eat the same, and all be super satisfied. Here, we give you some inspiration to spruce up your kids’ lunches with home made goodness that you can snack on all day, guilt free. Amazing right? Right. So here they are, our top tips for making Slimming World lunchbox treats that even the kids will love to eat.

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