The Difference A Year Makes

standard January 12, 2017 Leave a response

We’re well into the “New Year, New You” phase of 2017. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with my latest attempts to lose weight and jack in the takeaways. However, what I want to concentrate on this year is the things that people accomplished over the past year. The things that my fellow bloggers couldn’t do a year ago, but now can. Small wins, big wins, they all count in this post. It’s amazing the difference one year can make.

So if you’re still not sure whether to even bother giving it a go this year, have a look at a couple of these little tidbits that show you any goal is worth working towards.

So I asked a bunch of fellow bloggers what they can do now that they couldn’t at the beginning of 2016.

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Hey, 2017. Here’s a list of my demands.

standard January 5, 2017 6 responses

So we’re now well into 2017 (five days, that’s well in) and it’s already lulling us into the same false sense of security that 2016 managed for all of two weeks. There aren’t going to be any big elections so that’s at least one thing we can rest easy about, but that doesn’t mean I trust 2017 yet. I don’t.

With everyone posting their New Years’ hopes and wishes, I’m taking a slightly different turn with it. I’m not into having hopes and making wishes, because that’s not forceful enough. With a little sod of a year like 2016 over and done with, we need to start making statements, and showing this year who’s boss. With that said; 2017, here are my demands.

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