Slimming World – The Five Best Savoury Snacks For Your Syns

standard October 26, 2015 4 responses

Disclaimer: I thought long and hard (about 20 seconds worth of internal debating, it’s a lot for me) about adding cheese to this Slimming World list. Cheese is godly and is the supreme overlord of savouriness, but I didn’t think it fit in this post. Perhaps it should have its own? Or perhaps it’s too good to trivialise on a blog. Go buy some and healthy A the F out of it. Thanks for the kcals, cheese.

Only love for the chocolate, Amy? No savoury snacking? Shame on you! You’ve, many times, heard my assertions that chocolate and crisps should be bed buddies and eaten together. Not literally at the same time though, gross. Just one, then the lovely other. This is why I’m fat isn’t it? Ah well; read on everyone…

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The Best Chocolate Bars For Your Slimming World Syns

standard October 22, 2015 12 responses
Even on a diet, we could all do with a chocolate fix. So, we have listed the best chocolate bars for your slimming world syns.

So, as you know we’re back on Slimming World and I’m forever rifling through the book to see what I can have when I have the intense cravings for chocolate, which is my biggest weakness next to takeaways. Believe me when I say I’ve done a lot of research in this category and here I give you the rundown of what I think are the best chocolate bars for your syns.

If you’re going to spend them, it might as well be worth it.

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Pregnant on Slimming World

standard June 10, 2015 2 responses


Yes, I am pregnant on Slimming World. Slimming World is approved by the Royal College of Midwives as the ideal eating plan to follow whilst pregnant to give your baby all the nutrients they need and she signs off on my progress regularly. Before anyone starts panicking that I am (trying to) lose weight whilst carrying a baby, it is all above board and under the supervision of health professionals. Anyone who is pregnant and wanting to follow any kind of eating plan should always run it by their midwives first. I am playing it safe and so should you.

So today, our Pregnant On Slimming World update isn’t about weight loss at all, it’s about weight gain. My weight gain to be exact and why, even though I know why I’ve put on weight and why it shouldn’t bother me one little bit, it still does. Psychologically, I am chained to those scales.

By way of background, I have always had issues with my weight since I was a teenager. So many failed diets, so many attempts at so many things it took me until I was 25 to join Slimming World (for the third time) and do it properly. I got to a healthy 10 stone, the lightest I’d been in at least ten years and I was happy with myself. So I stopped going. I tried to go back a bunch of times but the motivation simply wasn’t there anymore, despite the fact every time I joined I was heavier than the last.

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