Slimming World Sesame Beef Recipe

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A bowl of Slimming World Slow Cooker Sesame Beef

When on a diet, everybody has a vice. Something that makes you fall off the wagon more than you care to admit to. For a lot of people, it’s wine or alcohol but for us, it’s takeaways. Chinese takeaways in particular. I don’t know what it is about Chinese food that I find irresistible, but sadly in order to lose weight, I have to avoid fast food. Which is why I’ve concocted this decadent Slimming World Sesame Beef recipe. 

Luckily, Slimming World doesn’t mean I have to avoid Chinese food altogether. It just means I have to cook it. So as I learn to make more and more awesome stuff, you’re going to get recipes for all sorts of awesome Asian inspired dishes. This one is easy, very tasty and way lower in syns than its takeaway counterpart at roughly 5 syns per serving.

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Slimming World Maple Chicken Recipe

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Out of ideas for your next Taster Evening? Check out our simple recipe for Slimming World Maple Chicken drumsticks.

Okay, so I know that it’s normally bacon that accompanies maple syrup, but hey, we like to mix it up as best we can and this is no exception, with our Slimming World Maple Chicken recipe. Though you can use thighs for this, we prefer chicken drumsticks. I know boneless thighs are all the rage at the moment, but I think they’re too fiddly and expensive for what you get. You just pick up a drumstick and sink your teeth into it. There’s something about the caveman eats that clearly appeals to me. 

Seriously now, drumsticks are cheap, versatile and they are incredibly tasty. Eating them on Slimming World does require a bit of effort, with taking the skin off. Nothing a good pair of kitchen scissors won’t be able to handle though. 

These Slimming World maple chicken drumsticks are awesome though and we like this recipe a lot. It’s simple, it’s relatively hassle free and you can make it in advance for those pesky taster nights at your local group. This recipe calls for sugar free maple syrup, which we have gotten from MyProtein (there are a bunch of similar ones out there) and there is half a syn for six tablespoons. We only use four, but we’ve added half a syn to the tally just to be totally on the safe side. If you wanted to make these more authentic, or if you prefer to avoid the sugar free syrups, you can of course use the real deal and add eight syns in total, making it four syns per serving. 

Either way, I swear they are delicious.

They’re sweet, they’re moreish and you would never, ever guess that they are “diet food”. We can all agree that this is the best type of diet food. Speaking of diet food, you know you can have chocolate on Slimming World if you really want, right? Go and read our article on Slimming World – The Five Best Chocolate Bars For Your Syns and see which one takes your fancy!

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Slimming World Slow Cooker Bolognese

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So today (Day 9! Jesus) is all about one thing that I can’t live without. I know a lot of people right here stop and say “My kids, my husband, my phone” yadda, yadda and fair enough I agree. I couldn’t live without Wes and Short Rib and would be a bit unstuck without a phone. As the cold nights are drawing in and it starts to get more wintery though, there’s another item I’d be pretty lost without. That, is my slow cooker.

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Slimming World Style

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I am a rubbish blogger this week. I know, I’m really sorry but I’m back on it now with lots more planned! As the final weeks before maternity leave creep up on me, the amount of work in my real job has increased also, so I’ve been pretty lax. So sorry about that! This week’s post is a recipe – because we were so busy with Father’s Day related stuff we haven’t made it to weigh in. So I’m making it up to you and myself with a recipe for basically my favourite meal of all time. Mac n Cheese Slimming World Style!

It’s not the luminous yellow tinned stuff that I lived off when I was in university (I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, you can decide for yourselves!) but it’s my recipe that makes it incredibly friendly for those of us on Slimming World. There are tonnes of recipes out there and mine is but a variation, but it’s the way I like it made and whilst it’s not as creamy and cheesy as the ones we’re used to, it certainly does the trick for those of us trying to lose a few pounds!

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