Best Supermarket Ready Meals For Your Slimming World Syns

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Sometimes you need to get a quick meal. Ready meals are perfect when you're in a hurry and these are the best ones for your Slimming World Syns

Ready meals are glorious things in times of great need. Sometimes, when you don’t make enough dinner to eat leftovers the next day, or even worse, leave them in the fridge before you dash out of the door, you need something quick and simple. Don’t misunderstand me, they are not as nice as well-thought out meals that you’ve constructed yourself, but they are mostly tasty food, that requires no effort whatsoever. So if you’re stuck with few options, and need a full meal without even thinking about it, this is the list for you. The best ready meals out there for the Slimming World syns. 

Now just to be clear, we count a ready meal as a complete meal that can be cooked in the microwave without causing a mutiny in your office (so say, less than ten minutes or so). We’ve also not included any of the Slimming World meals that you can get in Iceland, that’s cheating. We have also not included any of Asda’s Slim Zone meals or Aldi’s Slim Well meals, because none of them have been officially “synned”. I’m just playing it safe. 

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7 Day Slimming World Meal Plan: ZERO Prep Asda Edition

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If you want to be on plan, but don't want to cook from scratch. This is the Slimming World meal plan for you.

I love Slimming World. It is the most flexible diet plan around, where you can eat or drink anything and still be able to remain on plan. Of course many people following the plan look to try and cook as many meals from scratch as they can. Many save their syns for specific treats, meaning their meals are nearly always syn free. For me however, I prefer convenience above all. After a full day at work, I very easily lose the motivation to cook a full meal from scratch. That is why I’ve created this 7 day Slimming World meal plan that requires basically zero preparation.

All of the days on this plan come in at less then ten syns, so you still have some left over for treats each day. For added convenience, this one contains meals and ingredients that you can pick up at Asda, in one go. We’ve even added all of the links to the items you’ll need, so you know exactly what it is you’re after. This may seriously be the most simple Slimming World meal plan on the internet right now. 

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6 Surprising Foods That Will Sink Your Slimming World Syns Allowance

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Syns are a precious commodity. Do not waste them - especially not on these six perfectly ordinary items of food.

When people are on Slimming World, they treat syns in their own ways. A lot of people treat them as 105 weekly syns, others think of them as a £15 budget every day, and determine where to use them based on their “value”. A lot would not want to spend £10 on a chocolate bar, but I think £7 for a glass of wine is a rip off. Different strokes for different folks and all that. However there are some items that we can universally condemn as 100% not worth their Slimming World syns. And I’m here to talk about them and make sure you don’t end up wasting them inadvertently. 

Of course, there are different approaches to these flexible calories. Some are steadfast in their belief that they should  be used for ‘treats’, so that the plan does not feel so restrictive. Others are of the opinion that syns are best used as part of meals, so as to promote healthy eating habits and a real “lifestyle change”. Whatever your stance, as long as it works, you keep on doing it. But for goodness sake do not start using your precious syns for these completely mundane and totally unnecessary eating experiences. 

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Slimming World – Best Alcohol For Your Syns

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You’ll remember we last did a feature about the Best Barbecue Foods for Your Syns, which got us thinking about booze. There is no barbecue without booze, especially if you’re the one grilling. On Slimming World alcohol is not forbidden like it is on most food plans, but you have to pace yourself and make sensible choices. Always here to provide a service, we have compiled our list of the best alcoholic drinks for your syns.

We have tried to cater for every taste here and limited it to one drink per category (lager, cider, spirits etc) as well as making our choices more suited to the summer barbecue scene. Sorry mulled wine, you’ll have to wait til Christmas. Of course, the choices are huge, especially with the spirits where most are similar syn values, so be sure to let us know your favourite syn-friendly tipple!

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Five ‘Healthy’ Things That Will Sabotage Your Diet

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It was only when I first seriously started Slimming World three years ago that I realised just how awful marketing was for the average diet. There were so many things that were marketed as being ‘healthy’ that are awful for weight loss. I’d made so many mistakes before following a set plan that it was no wonder that I did nothing but expand for so long. These things are totally out to sabotage your diet and undo all your hard work on those scales!

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