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6 Surprising Foods That Will Sink Your Slimming World Syns Allowance

standard March 26, 2019 Leave a response
Syns are a precious commodity. Do not waste them - especially not on these six perfectly ordinary items of food.

When people are on Slimming World, they treat syns in their own ways. A lot of people treat them as 105 weekly syns, others think of them as a £15 budget every day, and determine where to use them based on their “value”. A lot would not want to spend £10 on a chocolate bar, but I think £7 for a glass of wine is a rip off. Different strokes for different folks and all that. However there are some items that we can universally condemn as 100% not worth their Slimming World syns. And I’m here to talk about them and make sure you don’t end up wasting them inadvertently. 

Of course, there are different approaches to these flexible calories. Some are steadfast in their belief that they should  be used for ‘treats’, so that the plan does not feel so restrictive. Others are of the opinion that syns are best used as part of meals, so as to promote healthy eating habits and a real “lifestyle change”. Whatever your stance, as long as it works, you keep on doing it. But for goodness sake do not start using your precious syns for these completely mundane and totally unnecessary eating experiences. 


Yeah, I know that they pretty much all have syn values now and people are still not happy about it. I understand why there has been a change here too. All to often, people would come to a Slimming World meeting and talk about how they eat twelve Muller Lights every day and wonder why they’ve gained half a pound. This is why we can’t have nice things. 

I am a firm believer that if you are going to eat a yoghurt, there are much nicer ones than Muller Lights that you can have for a syn or so. Those ones are not what this entry is about though. 

I’m actually talking about the really nice ones. Muller Corners. Rolo and Milkybar. The really indulgent ones. The ones you see Nicole Sherzinger throw around on the adverts. Sure, they’re really nice but just one can set you back up to 9 syns (Sainsburys Taste The Difference Creamy Fudge Yoghurt, in case you’re interested). For context, that’s roughly four and a half Mini Twisters. Or an entire meal at Nandos. If you look at sheer value for your 15 a day, an indulgent yoghurt, no matter how yummy it is, isn’t economical or satisfying. Stay away. 

Flavoured Cooked Meats

I feel a bit like I’m nitpicking here. Flavoured meat is generally not very high in syns. But just because they’re low synned doesn’t mean you should go for them anyway. There are loads and loads of syn free cooked meat, in all sorts of varieties and all of which are very tasty. You absolutely do not need to go for the higher syn versions. There are so many alternatives that it would just be a waste to use some of your allowance on this stuff. I mentioned on my post about the habits you should adopt to make Slimming World work better for you, that one of the main things that is going to get you to target is by planning your shopping trips thoroughly. If you really, really need a bunch of flavoured cooked meats, look at the syn values and go to the supermarket selling the syn free version!

Low Calorie Ice Cream

Ooooh controversial here, Ames.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried a lot of low calorie ice cream in the past year. Some I have even actively enjoyed. A lot of long time dieters were absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being able to have an entire pint of ice cream for their daily syn allowance and trust me, I was too. Then I tried it. Ugh… let’s cut to the chase here. Halo Top, Breyers, all of the low calorie alternatives are not proper ice cream. They’re not what you are craving, at all. You have to wait for ages for it to thaw, it has that weird texture like it’s melted and re-frozen over and over again and it is just not satisfying. In any other situation, you would not waste the syns you’ve saved for “treats” on an imposter food. So why do people do it for this poor excuse for proper ice cream?

Truth is there are a lot of ice cream fixes, and I mean proper ice cream fixes that are pretty low in syns. Mini Twisters are my personal favourite at just two syns a pop. A mix of ice cream and ice lolly that does just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Find one of those. Or, if you really want to use all of your syns on ice cream, then just have a measured amount of the good stuff and leave this overpriced, gimmicky rubbish in the freezer in Tesco.

Pre-Made Sandwiches

There are very few pre-packages sandwiches that I think are better than a fresh made one out of your own kitchen. If you’re following Slimming World and you are caught out needing to grab something to eat for lunch, I implore you to buy something else. A sandwich from a supermarket is just not worth it! They are all, almost exclusively in double digit figures SYN-WISE and they’re just not that great. If you’re dying for a sandwich, then make one using your healthy extra choice of bread and all the syn free fillings you can get. 

If you’re out and about, but in the proximity of any sort of shop, just buy a couple of pieces of fruit and some cooked meat (not flavoured!) if you’re looking to stay as on plan as possible. Don’t waste all your daily Slimming World syns allowance on a manky, unsatisfying sandwich. 

Instant Noodles

Now, I love Super Noodles and Pot Noodles. It’s one of those meals that anyone who has any tastebuds shouldn’t be into, but I find them incredibly satisfying. They’re easy, they last forever and can be kept in your drawer at work for those days you’d prefer a lie in over a meal. However, one must tread with caution with these noodle snacks, because there are only some that are low in syns. I’m talking low fat Super Noodles here – the low fat versions are only a couple of syns per packet, which I think is perfectly fine for what you get. However if you grab, say the Southen Fried Chicken Super Noodles – that one pack is TWELVE SYNS. Any of the “normal” Super Noodles are a similar story. 

Don’t get me started on Pot Noodles either. The normal ones come in at around 9 syns per pot… the bigger ones, obviously more. Just be careful out there. 

Tinned Fish in Oil

So, for this last one we aren’t talking massive syn values here, but it’s such an easy swap that I couldn’t overlook it. A tin of tuna in oil, once drained is four syns. Alright, not a huge amount but still more than a quarter of your allowance. All that you need to do, is switch to tuna in brine or spring water and boom. Totally free, eat as much as you like. I can’t think of any real reason to eat tinned fish with oil over water or brine. If you’re looking to coat it (I get it, brined fish has a bit of a weird texture), you can still save a bunch of syns by spraying the fish lightly with oil. 

Personally, I’m always adding it to quark or something to bind it together, so I have absolutely no reason to get fish in oil. 4 syns can go really quite far – so why waste it on something you could easily have for free?

These are in our opinion, the foods that are least worth your precious Slimming World syns, but we appreciate that there are easy traps to fall into if you’re in a pinch. Hopefully this handy guide will help you navigate through these everyday foods and make choices that will boost your weight losses. 

Anything that I’ve missed, or other foods that are surprisingly high? Let me know – we might have to do another post on this! 

Syns are a precious commodity. Do not waste them - especially not on these six perfectly ordinary items of food.



Amy is the main culprit of Planning Spree. Stationery addict, gamer, would-be cook (if she can be arsed) and all-round good egg. More notebooks than sense. Amy's biggest passion is life is planning, be it her wedding, her holidays (those that are booked and those that are in her head) or just life in general, if she can write a list about it or make an itinerary on it, she's all over it.

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